Automagically manage your business finances.

Aion brings an intuitive software tool set to eliminate day to day manual tasks and provides you with financial insights to make smart business decisions.

Always on, 24x7.

Automagically manage your business finances

Aion brings intuitive finance software to eliminate day-to-day manual tasks and provides financial insights for you to make smart business decisions.

Always on, 24x7.

Streamlined AR

Invoice to cash simplified. Easy-to-send reminders to customers frees you to generate more billable work.

Automated AP

Seamless AP process. Pay vendors and contractors easily. Bills automatically created and payments auto scheduled.

Books Closed Faster

Power of human and technology for your business to have your books done easily. Income statement? Check!

Data Insights

Make smart and profitable decisions. Up-to-the minute insights into your cash flow, expense analysis and where your money goes.

Built for Your Finance Team

Saves time by automating finance operations tasks. Helps your team succeed so that you can focus on your business.

All in One Place

The only platform that provides you with software and services in one place to unleash your business potential.

Intelligent finance

Real-time analysis, complete financial visibility, pay, get paid and data-driven automated summaries of where you stand, where you're going, and how you'll get there. AI + data + human — all working together to streamline your finance operations.

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Make smart finance decisions

Open an Aion account online or from your smart phone. Get instant access to a full-stack business banking, automated payables and receivables software, and cost-effective capital — all in one easy-to-use platform.

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An intelligent software suite that immediately assists with your receivables, payables, spend. 360 degree view of your business anywhere anytime.

Simplify finance operations

Scale your business with automation. Finance operations software with built-in cash management and capital up to $2M.

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