Invoice easier, get paid faster

Create, send, and track all invoices in a single comprehensive platform.

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Customizable invoices

Create, personalize, and send unlimited invoices in seconds.

Seamless syncing

Eliminate manual tasks by syncing Aion with your accounting system.

Payment reminders

Trigger payment reminders with the click of a button.

Our finance team loves having a single place to manage all accounts payable AND accounts receivable. Plus, Aion syncs with our accounting system, eliminating the need for double entries and reducing the chances of errors.

Suresh Sivakaminathan
President & CEO, DataSys Consulting and Software Inc.

Send and manage custom invoices

Create invoices using a default template or your own customized template. Add your company logo and details to drive brand recognition.

Send your invoices and track customer engagement with information about opens and clicks. Better understand your accounts receivable with insights into your customer payment cycles.

Sort and filter your invoices to find outstanding or overdue payments and trigger payment reminders.

Automate reconciliation

Aion’s two-way integration with your accounting system syncs your invoices, customers, and products. Any updates made in Aion or your accounting system will be reflected in both platforms.

Reconcile your books faster. Reduce the time you spend manually matching incoming payments to invoices. Aion automatically recognizes your customer payments and suggests a match.

Get paid faster

Detailed payment instructions in your invoices make it easy for your customers to pay. You can customize payment instructions by customer and send updated instructions for invoices that have already been issued.

Still waiting too long for payments? Aion provides flexible financing solutions so you get paid on day one. Insights into your accounts receivable make it easy to decide which payments to accelerate.

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