Grow with flexible financing

Unrestricted, non-dilutive capital. Short-term loans & revolving lines of credit. Up to $5M.

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Lines from $10K - 5M

Revolving lines of credit and short-term loans to cover cash flow gaps or fuel business growth.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees, no surprises. Business needs fluctuate - only pay interest on the funds you use.

Tailored to your business

Funds be backed by inventory or receivables. Flexible repayment terms to meet your needs.

In the early days of Purely Elizabeth, we needed to keep up with increasing demand. Aion provided flexible, non-dilutive funding that grew with our business and helped us scale.

Mark Freeburg
Chief Financial Officer, Purely Elizabeth

Remove restrictions

Spend where it is most impactful to your business. Invest in marketing, purchase inventory, pay vendors, and grow your team. Your rate stays the same, no matter how you spend.

Manage funds with ease

Aion’s user-friendly platform makes it easy to advance funds on an ongoing basis. Log into your Aion account from wherever you are to draw funds, make payments, and check balances.

Maintain Ownership

Don’t choose between growing your business and keeping your equity. Unlock revenue tied up in invoices and inventory, so you can accelerate business growth. As your business grows, so will your need for financing. Aion is designed to grow with you, scaling up to $5M.