The complete banking and cash flow solution for CPG businesses

Aion has worked extensively with firms in the consumer packaged goods space, so we understand the unique challenges facing businesses that depend on a convenient and innovative online platform that brings together convenient online banking, intelligent finance software, and cost-effective capital solutions - all in one place.

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Grow your business without the hassle of traditional banking

Fast, convenient online banking
Automated QuickBooks sync
Mobile check deposits
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Short-term capital and revolving lines of credit

Bank smarter, not harder

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional banking and financial operations. Our seamless online banking system allows you to manage all your accounts, payments, and transactions in one secure location.

No more juggling multiple platforms and logins. Aion provides the convenience and efficiency you've been searching for.

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With a robust finance platform and flexible financing solutions tailored to my business, Aion was the obvious choice for Herb’n Pantry.

Arik Markus
Founder & CEO, Herb’n Pantry

Cost-Effective Capital to Grow Your Business

Accessing capital shouldn't be a challenge for businesses. Aion offers cost-effective capital solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need funding for expanding your operations, purchasing inventory, or investing in new technology, we've got you covered.

Banking made simple with Aion

Ready to simplify and streamline your business finances? Together, we can eliminate complex and costly financial operations, saving you valuable time and money. Embrace the power of Aion and focus on what truly matters - growing your business.