Top 25 Fintech Leaders to Follow on Twitter

Writing about Twitter without acknowledging the recent turmoil that has engulfed the social media platform is tough.  While it's true that Twitter is a hotbed of conversation and debate, it still houses a deep wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources -- especially in the fintech space.  But knowing where to look, who to follow, and what to read can be challenging. 

That's why we've handpicked 25 of the top fintech leaders on Twitter, so you can easily find their insights and learn from some of the most influential people in the industry. 

With the fast pace of fintech, Twitter is the perfect platform to stay ahead of the curve. It's quick, immediate content style lends itself particularly well to the ever-changing landscape of financial technology -- and the innovators, companies, and minds shaping its future. 

Fintech Growth, Just the Beginning

Whether you’re a fintech enthusiast or an aspiring business leader, the global financial technology industry continues to grow at a staggering rate. According to Statista, as of May 2023, there are 11,651 fintech (financial technology) startups in the Americas alone -- with thousands more worldwide. 

The number of startups has more than doubled in the last five years and shows no signs of stopping. And business owners need to stay abreast of the latest fintech trends and news to succeed. 

By following 25 top fintech leaders on Twitter, you can gain insight into how some of the most successful businesses run their operations. From technological advancements to navigating legal challenges, these experts are an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs looking to stay ahead of the curve. 

How We Chose Our Top Creators

With the advent of Crypto and more focus on investing, there's no shortage of fintech content on Twitter. Honestly, it was daunting to limit the list to just 25 (there are so many more amazing minds posting daily content), but we wanted to give you the best of the best. 

We chose our top creators based on their ability to inform, educate, and inspire others. We looked at their credentials within the fintech space, their influence in the industry, and whether they consistently post high-quality content that is timely and helpful to readers. 

We also included several newcomers and outliers to ensure an eclectic mix of voices and perspectives. 

No matter where you are on your fintech journey, follow these 25 top fintech leaders for the latest news, insights, and updates in the industry. 

1 - Andreas Staub

As the Chief Transformation Officer at the Raiffeisen Gruppe, Andreas Staub is a leading voice in the FinTech industry. He tweets about the latest news and updates in banking, payments, blockchain, and other topics related to financial technology.

2 - Chris Gledhill

Gledhill is a freelance futurist writer, TEDx Speaker, and advisor, sharing breaking news and helpful resources related to current trends and technological advancements in FinTech.  He periodically posts longer-form content on his Medium page --  a must-read for anyone looking for honest insights into tech.  

3 - Laura Shin

Journalist Laura Shin is a podcast host and author who centers who work around the world of Crypto. From investigating the Ethereum hack in 2016 to sharing news on the latest developments in blockchain technology, Shin’s Twitter feed is a goldmine for Crypto aficionados of all levels. 

4 - Enrico Molinari

Enrico Molinari splits between his position as the Head of Innovation & Tech Transfer at BNP Paribas Group, and a Professor in Economics, Marketing Management, GovTech & Metaverse NFT. He brings a scholarly slant to finance -- with an approachable style. 

5 - Duena Blomstrom 

Duena Blomstrom is a powerhouse author and keynote speaker dedicated to human debt and emotional banking. What's emotional banking? Check out her book here to see how the right questions and approach can reshape the industry.

6 - Devie Mohan

Founder of the fintech data and research organization, Burnmark, Mohan excels at breaking down complex topics and sharing her insights on a variety of FinTech-related topics. 

7 - Pavel Durov

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov tweets frequently about the latest cryptocurrency news and trends. Follow him for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DeFi (decentralized finance) updates. 

8 - Spiros Margaris

Named the leading fintech influencer by Onalytica, Spiros Margaris brings a wealth of insights. His impressive industry resume has made him a go-to source for news and analysis of the latest FinTech trends, including AI, blockchain, and digital banking. 

9 - Jim Marous

Through his podcast "Banking Transformed," Marous discusses challenges facing business owners and fintech investors. His in-depth knowledge and articulate insights make him a must-follow for anyone looking to understand the world of financial technology better. 

10 - Xavier Gomez

Gomez is a FinTech guru and popular speaker, sharing timely updates on banking innovation and payments. Be sure to check his profile for insightful articles from industry leaders and interesting take on private equity, big data, and crypto. 

11 - Theodora (Theo) Lau

Lau’s tweets focus on her work as Founder of Unconventional Ventures and the ways startups can leverage transformation to become more successful. Her posts range from interviews with industry leaders to financial technology trends and the latest venture capital news. 

12 - Liz Lumley

The self-proclaimed Fairy Godmother of Fintech, Liz Lumley, is Deputy Editor at The Banker. Her passion for fintech shines through in her tweets, which aim to help companies understand regulations and the latest industry developments. 

13 - Helene Li

Co-founder of GoImpact, Helene Li brings an insider perspective to her tweets. She dives deep into the world of finance, providing insights on topics such as digital banking, sustainability, and technology.

14 - Chris Skinner

Skinner is a leading fintech analyst and advisor on the economic impact of financial services technology. He tweets regularly about the interplay of finance and humanity, and his musings always provide a thought-provoking punch. 

15 - Huy Nguyen Trieu

CEO of The Disruptive Group, Huy Nguyen Trieu offers a unique take on the world of fintech, and his tweets draw from both personal experience and industry knowledge. 

16 - Alex Jiménez

On his Twitter feed and the keynote stage, Jiménez focuses on the world of payments, banking strategy, and financial services. His global understanding helps bring current topics to life, making him an excellent follow for FinTech news. 

17 - Anna Irrera 

Anna Irrera (the Senior Crypto Editor at Bloomberg Business) is exactly what you need if you're looking for true journalism in your feed. Her content focuses on the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain and their implications for global finance.

18 - Ghela Boskovich 

Founder of FemTech Leaders, Boskovich amplifies female voices, stories, and experiences in the fintech space. Her tweets focus on the importance of diversity and inclusion and how technology can help make finance more accessible to all. 

19 - Nick Bilodeau

Bilodeau's feed perfectly marries marketing, finance, and business insights -- giving founders and executives thoughtful takeaways to help them make better decisions. He also offers exclusive access to reports and insights from the FinTech world that you won't find anywhere else. 

20 - Dr Efi Pylarinou 

Dr. Efi Pylarinou is a well-known figure in finance and digital futurism. Her Twitter feed showcases her knowledge of machine learning, cryptocurrencies, and fintech trends. 

21 - Tanya Andreasyan

The Editor-in-Chief at Fintech Futures, Tanya Andreasyan is a wealth of information when it comes to banking, payments, and financial technology. She offers up a balance of news coverage and opinion pieces on the latest developments in these fields, making her a great follow for those looking to stay informed. 

22 - Michael Kitces

Michael Kitces calls himself a finance nerd -- and we're here for it. His feed is filled with the enthusiasm and excitement that reminds why we love this industry so much. Follow Kitces for thoughtful content that helps guide you in your financial journey. 

23 - Ian Kar

Ian Kar's experience as a former Founder of Fintech Today, his work at Acorns, and his current role at Vol 1 Ventures, position his feed as a breath of "cool" air in an often "stuffy" industry. We're not sure where he's headed next, but we'll definitely be watching closely. 

24 - Oliver Bussmann

It might be easier to list the things Bussmann doesn't do... 

Blogger, consultant, executive, author, advisor, and keynote speaker -- he is a thought leader in banking, IT strategy, and blockchain. Follow him for big-picture insights on life at the intersection of finance and technology. 

25 - April Rudin

April Rudin, and The Rudin Group are some of the best in wealth management -- and her feed doesn't disappoint. She offers timely and thoughtful commentary on the industry's most pressing issues; a go-to for staying in the know. 


Just the Tip of the Fintech Iceberg

These 25 FinTech influencers are just the tip of the iceberg regarding thought leaders in financial technology. There are dozens more we could have named here, and we'd love to hear if we missed any (we're always looking to add to our daily feeds)!