Top 25 Fintech Leaders You Should Follow on LinkedIn in 2023

In recent years, the fintech landscape has exploded with creators, influencers, and thought leaders speaking and producing content on every subject imaginable. And that can make it hard to cut through the noise and find creators who have something meaningful to say.

The democratization of information is what helps business owners and financial professionals at every level make informed decisions. But if you want to find the gems, you need to know where to look. That's why we've compiled this list of 25 LinkedIn fintech creators you should follow in 2023!

How We Chose Our Creators

We wanted fresh voices that were creating meaningful and valuable content and discourse in the fintech space. So we didn’t take follower growth into account, as this felt like a disservice to the up-and-coming voices - those who haven't yet had their “big break” but share thought-provoking ideas and insights.

Instead, we decided to look at a few different criteria:

1. Quality & Accuracy

They produce high-quality content with an eye toward accuracy and educational value.

2. Engagement

They have an engaged audience and can spark meaningful conversations in the comments section of their posts.

3. Relevance

They’re producing content that is still relevant today, not last year's news.

After much consideration, we settled on the 25 fintech LinkedIn creators you'll find below.

1. Jillian Godsil

As Blockchain speaker, highly sought-after contractor, and advisor for brands, Jillian Godsil's profile is packed with insights into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

With a journalistic eye, she unpacks complex subjects and educates readers on the future of technologies like the Metaverse and its impact on commerce. She's always reposting insights from around the world of fintech, and her content is always worth the read.

2. Rebecca Wettemann

The former Vice President at Nucleus Research, Rebecca Wettemann offers her analysis and commentary on the growing fintech and banking landscapes. She's an expert in the field, and her content is full of well-researched insights and predictions.

Recently, AI-powered tech and automation have been her focus. If you’re interested in understanding the ever-evolving symbiosis between finance and tech, she's definitely worth a follow.

3 - Robert Hackett

Formerly a senior writer for Fortune, covering  financial technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. In his new position as Features Editor + Head of Special Projects at Andreessen Horowitz, Hackett regularly shares highlights from the most recent conversations and events in the fintech world.

His posts offer an inside look into the biggest companies, products, and people in the fintech space. If podcasts are more your speed, consider checking out the a16z Podcast, where Hackett has started co-hosting episodes about all things tech and finance.

4. Jacki Zehner

Founder of ShePlace and an experienced Angel Investor, Zehner brings a humanist approach to venture capital. Much of her content is aimed at elevating the positive impact that venture capital and fintech can have on the world, from increasing access to education to helping close the gender gap.

Her posts offer a different perspective on the industry, and she often shares thought-provoking stories and case studies of companies making an impact.

5. Monel Amin

Recently named to Fintech Magazine's Top 100 Women, Monel Amin and her team at DilligenceVault are bringing data-driven decision-making to the forefront of finance.

Amin has an unwavering commitment to creating a dialogue with her followers. Her posts are always engaging, from polls to questions to resources, and she offers great advice for companies looking to shift to data-driven decision-making. 

6. Beatriz Acevedo

CEO and co-founder of SUMA Wealth, Acevedo is a longtime advocate for financial literacy and wealth equality in the Latinx community. She's a champion of education, and her posts are always full of inspiring stories and actionable advice.

In the world of fintech, it can be tempting to silo data and gatekeep information. But Acevedo's approach is to share knowledge and data with her followers -- collective impact is everything. 

7. Mary Ann Azevedo

Mary Ann Azevedo is a current full-time reporter for TechCrunch, where she reports on a range of topics from fintech to real estate. In a weekly column, Azevedo's “The Interchange” is a collaboration with fellow TechCrunch reporter and Venture Capital writer Christine Hall -- covering the latest trends and news from the industry.

Her scoops are often ahead of the curve, and her content is always insightful. Her followers get access to timely data, exclusive features, and interviews with industry leaders.

8. Theodora Lau

Theodora Lau has a mission -- to make banking better. As the Founder of Unconventional Ventures, Lau aims to fill a gap in education and decision-making for older adults and women.

Her mission-based approach to business and finance content is a breath of fresh air in an industry overrun with corporate jargon. Her posts mix thought-provoking industry analysis, personal stories, and actionable advice.

9. Spiros Margaris

Venture Capitalist and Board Member of margaris ventures, Spiros Margaris has been at the forefront of the industry for over a decade. His posts cover various topics, from fintech to AI and blockchain.

Recently, Margrais has focused on the ways in which AI is reimagining the realities of finance -- for better or worse.

10. April Rudin

As the CEO of The Rudin Group, longtime voice and thought-leader April Rudin offers unique insight into the world of wealth management. Her posts focus on topics like personal finance, investing, and retirement planning -- and how to align them with your life’s goals.

Rudin is also a highly sought-after speaker and influencer, and she’s a regular contributor to industry publications.

11. Paolo Sironi

For the last decade, Paolo Sironi has been a major player in IBM's financial market research. His thought leadership has shaped the fintech industry, and his ability to connect the dots between traditional banking and emerging technologies is impressive.

On LinkedIn, Sironi’s posts are full of thought-provoking insights on banking and payments innovations. He regularly provides his take on current trends in technology and finance, offering both theoretical and practical advice to readers. 

12. Brett King

If you've ever searched #fintech on LinkedIn, you've probably found at least one post from Brett King. His blog, podcast, and radio show, Breaking Banks, have become staples in the world of banking innovation, and his books are must-reads for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Brett King's posts offer a great combination of personal anecdotes, data-driven insights, and predictions about the future of finance. He often touches on topics like AI, machine learning, and blockchain and offers a futurist's perspective on the trends driving banking transformation.

13. Anne Boden

Anne Boden was ashamed to be a banker. Until she decided to shake up the industry. As the CEO of Starling Bank, Boden is committed to making banking more efficient and affordable for all – without sacrificing security or customer service.

On LinkedIn, she shares her insights on fintech trends and offers advice on personal finance, work-life balance, and leadership.

14. Brock Blake

As Co-Founder and CEO of Lendio, Blake aims to make lending accessible to all small businesses and entrepreneurs in the country. Although much of his content centers on in-person events and conferences, his posts offer insight into the entrepreneurial spirit and how technology empowers small businesses.

Just a quick scroll through his timeline reveals a venerable who's who of the industry – perfect for anyone looking to expand their network and knowledge base.

15. Teri Williams

President & COO of OneUnited Bank, Teri Williams' posts are a mix of personal stories, thought leadership on banking innovation, and social movements. She regularly speaks out against racial discrimination in the industry and uses her platform to advocate for financial inclusion. 

In 2022, she was named to the Forbes 50 over 50 Women in the financial field. As a bank owner, she has a unique perspective on navigating the financial industry -- and her posts are must-reads for anyone looking to take their career in finance to the next level. 

16. Asya Bradley

Asya Bradley believes in underestimated founders. Her content focuses on providing resources and support to those who don't have traditional access to capital, offering advice on how to stand out in the competitive startup world.

Recently, she’s been writing about the importance of diversity in fintech -- and her thoughts are just as inspiring as they are necessary. Her always brave commentary questions the status quo and offers advice for those looking to be a part of real change.

17. Sarah Clark

Currently the Senior Vice President - Digital Identity for Mastercard, Sarah Clark is a powerhouse when it comes to digital identity and fintech. Her posts are full of industry updates on the latest trends in digital banking, payments and emerging technologies – all with a unique focus on data security.

Her background in business intelligence and cybersecurity shines through her content, offering a refreshingly comprehensive take on the world of financial technology.

18. Vanessa Colella

As Visa's Head of Innovation and Digital Partnerships, Vanessa Colella is at the forefront of financial innovation. She regularly shares her insights and experiences in areas like payments, blockchain, machine learning, and open banking.

Her posts often dive deep into topics such as how to create valuable customer experiences through digital transformation or leveraging AI for real-time decisions. Colella also offers her perspectives on data privacy and regulations, making her a valuable resource for anyone interested in the future of finance.

19. Edrizio De la Cruz 

Since selling to Mastercard, Arcus co-founder Edrizio De La Cruz as remained a powerful voice in the fintech space, particularly when it comes to open banking and financial inclusion.

An advocate for entrepreneurs of color, De La Cruz's posts are full of advice on fundraising and creating successful businesses. He shares everything from his experience with venture capital firms to how he managed the sale of Arcus.

20. Misha Esipov

Misha Esipov, Co-Founder & CEO at Nova Credit, is an expert in the field of international credit and identity verification. His content centers on helping people understand how to unlock access to financial services while keeping security in mind.

Most recently, Esipov has centered his posts around population expansion due to immigration and how businesses can best access this new segment of potential customers. He's a frequent conference speaker and active in the fintech community, making him an amazing source of knowledge and insight.

21. Prashant Fuloria

Fundbox CEO, Prashant Fuloria, is no newcomer to education in the fintech sphere. For years, Fuloria has been a lecturer at Stanford, Cornell, and UC Berkeley, sharing his insights on product, innovation and venture growth. In 2022, Fuloria and the Fundbox team released their inaugural Small Business Trends Survey -- packed with data, trends, and a wealth of information to better help the industry understand the needs of small business owners.

22. Brady Harris

Brady Harris is the CEO at Dwolla, an account-to-account payments platform for businesses. His content focuses on the future of finance, especially in terms of digital currencies and blockchain technology. He explores topics such as open banking, decentralized exchanges and crypto custody solutions.

Harris has been featured in many publications, including Forbes and Bloomberg, where he discusses the potential impact of fintech in every industry.

23. Charlene Hill Fadirepo, MBA

Bitcoin and Crypto expert Charlene Hill Fadirepo is a banker turned fintech evangelist. She believes blockchain and digital currencies can revolutionize the traditional banking system and help facilitate financial empowerment. Her content centers around the potential for cryptocurrencies to become mainstream, exploring topics such as security tokens, blockchain governance, crypto asset management, and more.

24. Lily Liu

Can fintech help the property management and landlord industry? Lily Liu and her team at Piñata think so! And if you take a look through her content, you'll find plenty of evidence to back it up. With major changes on the horizon for the credit and real estate industry, Lily’s content and acuity will be more relevant than ever.

25. Caitlin Long

Caitlin Long is an outspoken fintech advocate. The former Gubernatorial Appointee of Wyoming Blockchain Task Force, turned founder of Custodia Bank, freely shares her thoughts and opinions on the state of the current banking system. While her style can be controversial, Long’s posts always spark discussion and debate. She also delves deep into historical aspects of the banking industry, offering valuable insight for those looking to understand how (and why) our system works the way it does.

What Creators Can Tell Us About the Future of Fintech

If you scroll through any of the fintech creator profiles in our list (or others you might already follow), you'll find as many opinions and takes on the future of finance as there are people discussing it.

From blockchain technology and digital currencies to open banking and new ways to analyze credit, the fintech industry has no shortage of opinions. While you'll still have to make your own decisions, the industry's top creators provide valuable insight into fintech's direction. And that's what's truly exciting.

LinkedIn and other platforms give us more access to vital opinions and valuable data than ever. For the first time, we read, see, and hear directly from the movers, shakers, and innovators involved in reshaping the finance industry. Only time will tell where it's all headed, but it's safe to say the future of fintech is bright – and we'll be following it closely.